Programme – Thurs 23rd June – ITEDS London June 2016

07:30 Registration, refreshments and exhibition
Lectures – St James Room, 4th floor  
  Lunch, refreshments and exhibition – Westminster Room, 4th floor
08:30 Welcome and introduction  Jimmy Uddin
Organizational efforts: ITEDS, EUGOGO, Amsterdam Declaration
08:35  Goals and objectives of the course Jennifer Jennifer Sivak-Callcott
Pathogenesis of Thyroid Eye Disease and clinical manifestations Chairs: Steve Feldon, Jennifer Sivak-Callcott
08:40 Systemic endocrine pathogenesis (part 1) Rebecca Bahn
08:50 Orbital and ophthalmic pathogenesis (part 1) Marion Ludgate
09:00 Clinical orbital and ocular anatomy Jonathan Dutton
09:10 Epidemiology and risk factors Marius Stan
09:20 Natural history, timeline and phases of Thyroid Eye Disease (part 1) Mike Potts
09:30 Questions and discussion
Clinical assessment of Thyroid Eye Disease and examination techniques and tools for evaluation Chairs: Tim Sullivan, Jimmy Uddin
09:40 The CAS score (Clinical Activity Score) Maarten Mourits
09:50 Disease activity and severity scoring methods Peter Dolman
10:00 ITEDS VISA classification Peter Dolman
10:05 Anterior segment examination (visual loss other than optic neuropathy) Kenn Cahill
10:15 Globe position, proptosis and exophthalmometry Jennifer Sivak-Callcott
10:25 Eyelid retraction, position and dysfunction Lay Leng Seah
10:35 Periocular facial changes Raymond Douglas
10:45 Extraocular motility and orthoptics Chris Timms
10:55 Posterior segment and optic nerve function/examination Steve Feldon
11:05 Questions and discussion
11:15 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing
Tests and investigations Chairs: Suryasnata Rath, Ken Cahill
11.45 Biochemical tests in Thyroid Eye Disease Paul Carroll
11:55 The euthyroid Thyroid Eye Disease Pei-fen Lin
12:00 Photography documentation Louise Mawn
12:10 Imaging (CT/MRI) for TED and differential diagnosis Katherine Miszkiel
12:20 Cone beam computed tomography in Thyroid Eye Disease Ben While
12:25 Thyroid-related Eye Disease in cancer patients Bradley Thuro
12:35 Differential diagnosis – Orbital disorders concealed by TED (part 1) Ilse Mombaerts
12:45 Questions and discussion
12.55 Lunch, exhibition and poster viewing
Early management of TED (1) Chairs: Peter Dolman, Marius Stan
13:45 Overview of early management and optimization of risk factors (part 1) Tim Sullivan
13:55 Smoking is a risk factor for TED – Control of smoking Sally Webber
14:00 Basic principles of treating thyrotoxicosis Anthony Weetman
14:15 Ophthalmic exposure management Ken Cahill
14:25 Over the counter’ medical management Steve Feldon
14:35 Minimally invasive comfort measures in active disease Daniel Rootman
14.40 Questions and discussion Chairs: Peter Dolman, Marius Stan
Early management of TED (2) Chairs: Don Kikkawa, Rebecca Bahn
14:50 Steroid treatment Pari Shams
15:05 Steroid-sparing immunosuppression Genevieve Larkin
15:10 Radiotherapy Mike Kazim
15:15 Acute surgical intervention Jimmy Uddin
15:20 New treatments (rituximab, IFR antagonists, IL6 blockers etc.) Jonathan Dutton
15:30 Questions and discussion
15:40 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing
Surgery for TED Chairs: Lay Leng Seah, Louise Mawn
16:00 Surgical options- Overview (rationale and sequence) Don Kikkawa
16:10 Lateral wall orbital decompression Don Kikkawa
16:15 Medial wall/floor orbital decompression David Verity
16:20 Endoscopic approach to orbital decompression Kelvin Chong
16:30 Fat decompression Mike Kazim
16:35 Questions and discussion Lay Leng Seah
16:45 Hyaluronic acid to improve QoL in TED patiens. Easy, safe, accurate and reversible choice Ignacio Genol
16:50 Upper Eyelid lowering Surgery Christoph Hintschich
16:55 Lower eyelid raising surgery Diego Strianese
17:00 Questions and discussion
Quality of life Chairs: Mike Kazim, Diego Strianese
17:10 An aesthetic approach to surgery to enhance quality of life Rober Goldberg
17:20 Patients’ quality of life Daniel Ezra
17:25 Knowledge of Thyroid Eye Disease-  Identification of ‘gaps’ in understanding in Graves’ Disease patients with and without orbitopathy Matthew Edmunds
17:30 Patient’s perspective Janis Hickey
17:40 Referral pathways – Multidisciplinary Management – who, when & where to refer? Colin Dayan
17:50 Questions and discussion
18:00 Closing Remarks Jennifer Sivak-Callcott, Jimmy Uddin
18:05 Course close