Programme – Friday 24th June – ITEDS London June 2016

07:00 Registration, refreshments and exhibition
Lectures – Mountbatten Room, 6th floor  
  Lunch, refreshments and exhibition – Cambridge Room, 5th floor
08:00 Welcome and introduction Jimmy Uddin
  ITEDS history and aims
Pathogenesis of TED (1) Chairs:Jonathan Dutton, Daniel Ezra
08:10 Pathogenesis of TED- An orbital perspective (part 2) Marion Ludgate
08:18 Endocrine molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis TED (part 2) Rebecca Bahn
08:26 Animal models for TED – How far have we come? Paul Banga
08:34 In Vitro models for TED – What is available? Maryse Bailly
08:42 In vivo ocular biomechanical compliance in Thyroid Eye Disease Richard Hart
08:48 Questions and discussion
09:00 Molecular mechanisms in TED and the role of insulin-like growth factor-1 Receptor (Igf-1r) Terry Smith
09:08 Anti IL6 receptor antibody (Tocilizumab) influence on inflammatory interleukins levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells cultures of patients with active thyroid eye disease- In vitro study Santiago Ortiz-Perez
09:13 Platelet-derived growth factor in the pathogenesis of Graves’ ophthalmopathy Wim Dik
09:21 Autophagy is involved in the pathogenesis of Thyroid Eye Disease Jin-Sook Yoon
09:30 Case series of alemtuzumab (Campath-1H) induced Graves’ orbitopathy Rachna Murthy
09:33 Questions and discussion
Pathogenesis of TED (2) Chairs: Rebecca Bahn, Jennifer Sivak-Callcott
09:43 Proteomics study on orbital fat in thyroid orbitopathy Chng Chiaw Ling
09:51 The tear cytokine profile of patients with active Graves’ orbitopathy – Applications for the future Morgan Yang
09:59 Biomarkers and the microbiome – Indigo study Marion Ludgate
10:07 Orbital stems cells in Thyroid Eye Disease Sara Wester
10:12 Small molecule TSHr antagonists Susanne Neumann
10:20 Hif signaling pathways in TED Utta Berchner-Pfannschmidt
10:28 Questions and discussion
10:40 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing
Clinical assessment of TED (1) Chairs: Kostas Boboridis, Jimmy Uddin
11:00 CAS score- 30 years on Maarten Mourits
11:08 ITEDS/Visa- Pros And Cons (Part 2) Peter Dolman
11:16 Advantages and disadvantages with EUGOGO clinical assessment Susanne Pitz
11:24 Pitfalls in assessment of TED Daniel Morris
11:32 Clinical staging and grading in Thyroid Eye Disease Daniel Rootman
11:40 CAS – Pros And cons and the future? Discussion Kostas Boboridis
11:48 Questions and discussion
Clinical assessment of TED (1) Chairs: Timothy Sullivan, Raymond Douglas
12:00 Conjunctival venous flow reversal – A new Paul Meyer
12:08 Inflammatory reliability study  (ITEDS) Louise Mawn
12:16 Exophthalmometry Jennifer Sivak-Callcott
12:22 Patterns of visual field changes in Thyroid Eye Disease compressive optic neuropathy Suzanne Freitag
12:28 Measuring optic neuropathy Ashley Campbell
12:34 Questions and discussion
Stand alone talks Chairs: Timothy Sullivan, Raymond Douglas
12:45 Quality of life measures Stanton Newman
12:53 Questions and discussion
13:00 Lunch, exhibition and poster viewing
Imaging and photography Chairs: Peter Dolman, Suryasnata Rath
14:00 Photographic inflammation study Peter Dolman
14:06 Application of 3D volumetric assessment in TED Daniel Ezra
14:14 Digital infrared thermal imaging for early detection and disease monitoring of Thyroid Eye Disease Matthew Edmunds
14:22 Radiology- When is it really useful? (part 2) Katherine Miszkiel
14:30 Quantitative T2 mapping and Fat Fraction measurements of extra-ocular muscles in Thyroid Eye Disease Tilak Das
14:35 Can imaging predict disease type Louise Mawn
14:40 Questions and discussion
Thyroid dysfunction Chairs: Terry Smith, Diego Strianese
14:50 Treating hyperthyroidism in TED including radioiodine’ (part 2) Antony Weetman
14:58 Best method for endocrine control Colin Dayan
15:06 Hypothyroidism in TED Gul Bano
15:14 Questions and discussion
15:20 Endocrine risk factors Rebecca Bahn
15:28 Tsh receptor antibody tests in TED and Graves’ disease (part 2) Marius Stan
15:36 Relevance of Tsh-R-Ab assays In TED George Kahaly
15:44 Questions and discussion
15:50 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing
Paediatric TED – Are we doing enough? Chairs: Kelvin Chong, Raman Malhotra
16:10 Paediatric TED William Katowitz
16.18 Endocrine factors in paediatric TED Assunta Albanese
16:26 Paediatric TED – When should we intervene? Jimmy Uddin
16:31 Questions and discussion
Euthyroid TED and differential diagnosis Chairs: Kelvin Chong, Raman Malhotra
16:36 Differential diagnosis – Orbital disorders masquerading as TED (part 2) Ilse Mombaerts
16:44 Reactivation of TED – When is not TED? When to biopsy? David Verity
16:52 Questions and discussion
TED – Experiences from around the world Chairs: Timothy Sullivan, Don Kikkawa
16:56 Epidemiological characteristics of 726 patients with dysthyroid orbitopathy followed between 1995 and 2013 in a multidisciplinary thyroid-eye consultation in Toulouse Philippe Imbert
17:02 Visa classification- Trend in the Indian subcontinent Suryasnata Rath
17:10 Presentation of TED in the Indian population Milind Naik
17:18 Ethnic difference in clinical presentation of Thyroid Eye Disease Lay-Leng Seah
17:26 Phenotypes in TED Jimmy Uddin
17:31 Questions and discussion
17:40 Day one close