Programme – Saturday 25th June – ITEDS London June 2016

07:30 Registration, exhibition and poster viewing
Lectures – Mountbatten Room, 6th floor  
  Lunch, refreshments and exhibition – Cambridge Room, 5th floor
Management of early/active/progressive TED Chairs: Kenn Cahill, Colin Dayan
08:00 Overview-  Treatment of early/active/progressive TED (Part 2) Timothy Sullivan
08:08 Strategies and drugs to prevent TED Steve Feldon
08:16 Why selenium works in treatment and possible prevention of thyroid eye disease? Claudio Marcocci
08:24 Case- Mild disease -Audience participation Ken Cahill
08:32 Questions and discussion
08:40 Glucocorticoids, dose and duration strategies in the treatment of TED Claudio Marcocci
08:48 Intravenous steroids In Thyroid Eye Disease Gangadhara Sundar
08:56 The management of thyroid eye disease by immunomodulation- The Cambridge regime Nima Ghadiri
09:02 Questions and discussion
Management of early/active/progressive TED- “second-line” immunosuppression Chairs: Louise Mawn, Gangadhara Sundar
09:10 Role of second line immunosuppression in active TED – Why, what and how long? (Part 2) Mike Potts
09:18 Mycophenolate sodium in Graves’ orbitopathy (Mingo) – Update George Kahaly
09:26 Efficacy of combined orbital radiation and systemic steroids in the management of Graves’ orbitopathy Yuri Seo
09:34 CIRTED (Combined Immunosuppression and Radiotherapy In TED) Rathie Rajendrum
09:42 Radiotherapy for treatment of optic neuropathy Mike Kazim
09:48 Case- mod/severe disease – Audience participation
09:54 Questions and discussion
10:10 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing
Management of active/progressive TED- “Biologicals” Chairs: Mark Lucarelli, Rebecca Bahn
10:20 Rituximab – An effective drug for active TED.. It works! Mario Salvi
10:28 Rituximab – Is it that effective – Does it work? Marius Stan
10:36 Questions and discussion
10:45 Insulin-like growth factor-1 Receptor (Igf-1r) antagonist antibody-Trial update Raymond Douglas
10:53 Tocilizumab – How effective is it? – With a trial update Jose Perez Moreiras
11:01 Risks and side-effects of immunosuppression- Is it too risky? Diego Strianese
11:09 Questions and discussion
  Management of progressive TED Chairs: Lay Leng Seah, Geoff Rose
11:18 Early decompression for active TED Jimmy Uddin
11:26 Graves orbitopathy with optic neuropathy- Mechanisms and the management Peerooz Saeed
11:34 Severe case discussion  – Panel discussion Jean-Paul J. Abboud
11:40 Case – Severe/resistant disease -Audience participation Mark Lucarelli
11:48 Questions and discussion
Studies and outcome measures Chairs: Marius Stan, Raymond Douglas
12:00 Reading center for TED-Related multicenter clinical trials Steve Feldon
12:06 Biobanks Johnathan Dutton
12:12 Questions and discussion
12:20 How to plan the next ‘TED clinical trial’ with a discussion on primary and secondary study outcomes and a discussion on study propositions
12:30 Radiotherapy studies in Thyroid Eye Disease Peter Dolman
12:40 Lunch, exhibition and poster viewing
Surgical treatment/techniques for TED (1) Chairs: Don Kikkawa, Omar Durrani, Mike Kazim
13:45 Surgery for TED – introduction Don Kikkawa
13:50 Orbital anatomy – Important surgical landmarks in orbital decompression Yasuhiro Takahashi
13:58 Rethinking the orbital strut in inferomedial orbital decompression Carisa Petris
14:04 Endoscopic fat decompression for Thyroid Eye Disease Professor Wu
14:12 The role of fat excision with or without bone removal in orbital decompression for patients with Thyroid Eye Disease Su- Lang Liao
14:20 The greatest experience of bony orbital decompression in TED in Russian Federation Yaroslav Grusha
14:26 Questions and discussion
14:35 Decompression- Lateral wall- External approach- Why I do it? Geoff Rose
14:43 Decompression- Lateral wall- Internal approach- Why I do it? Robert Goldberg
14:51 Posterior orbital movement after deep lateral and medial balanced decompression for thyroid-related orbitopathy Erin Lessner
14:56 Questions and discussion
Surgical treatment/techniques for TED (2) Chairs: Francesco Quaranta Leoni, Robert Goldberg
15:00 Medial wall and internal inferior wall decompression through a superior eyelid crease approach –Personal technique Jose Perez Moreiras
15:05 Decompression- Medial wall – Retrocaruncular approach – ‘A 20 minute procedure’ Geoff Rose
15:10 Decompression- Medial wall endoscopic – Takes a bit longer than 20 minutes? Abbad Toma
15:15 Decompression- Medial wall endoscopic- Advantages of endoscopic approach Kelvin Chong
15:20 Endoscopic versus external medial orbital wall decompression in Thyroid Eye Disease Tom Hardy
15:25 Endonavigation system assisted orbital decompression for Thyroid Eye Disease Hui -Fang Zhou
15:33 Questions and discussion
15:40 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing
Surgical treatment/techniques for TED (3) Chairs: Robert Goldberg, Geoff Rose
15.55 Is it possible to reduce the time of a complete surgical management of thyroid orbitopathy with one step procedures? Michel Tazartes
16:00 Efficacy of lateral orbital rim decompression in patients with prior rim-sparing three-wall orbital decompression Bradford Lee
16:03 Challenges in orbital decompression in South East Asia Sunny Shen
16:11 Decompression – Complications Vivian Yin
16:17 Questions and discussion
Surgical treatment/techniques for TED (4) Chairs: Jonathan Dutton, Louise Mawn, Mike Kazim
16:25 Understanding strabismus in TED- Options Gill Adams
16:33 How does orbital surgery affect strabismus in TED ? Lelio Baldeschi
16:41 Rectus muscle resection to correct vertical ocular misalignment in Thyroid Eye Disease Andre Grixti
16:44 Strabismus surgery in Thyroid Eye Disease – Are we playing by a new set of rules Sonal Farzavandi
16:52 Vertical eye muscle surgery – Options? Inferior, superior rectus or better the obliques or all together? Anja Eckstein
17:00 Challenges to obtain the best surgical result in thyroid related strabismus Galton Vasconcelos
17:08 Combined and complex situations: Questions and Discission
Eyelid and additional strategies for surgery in TED Chairs: Michele Beaconsfield, Peter Dolman
17:15 Surgery for correction of eyelid retraction in Thyroid Eye Disease Li Dong Mei
17:18 Fat transposition to keep the lid crease in the right place in case of levator recession Pierre Escalas
17:21 Seamless simultaneous surgery for upper and lower eyelid retraction in TED Suzanne Freitag
17:29 Decompression Plus’ -Role of adjunctive procedures Raman Malhotra
17:37 Aesthetic approaches to TED surgery- Blepharoplasty and the brow Naresh Joshi
17:50 Questions and discussion
17:55 Closing remarks Jimmy Uddin
 18:00 Symposium close