Scientific Program

Programme Syllabus:  This meeting is accredited by the University of British Columbia CPD for 16.0 credits.
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The meeting is focussed on existing controversies and the latest information about the basic science and clinical evaluation and management of thyroid eye disease (Graves’ Orbitopathy).
The format will include a blend of invited and free presentations and posters along with panel discussions and debates on controversial topics.
Audience participation will be encouraged through generous discussion periods and individual voting capability.



Pathogenesis and pathology of TED:  molecular biology and how it translates into therapy
Diagnosis and evaluation of disease:  How do we determine disease activity?
Disease patterns:  Fat versus muscle centric disease?    2 diseases or a spectrum?
Endocrinology:  How to assess thyroid autoimmune disease?
Medical management:  the role of corticosteroids, radiotherapy or rituximab
Cigarette smoking:  how it affects TED and how can we help our patients quit?
Surgical methods and their complications: orbital decompression, strabismus and lid sx
Research:  What studies are planned and can my institution participate?


Confirmed Speakers:


Rebecca Bahn,  USA
Laszlo Hegedus,  Denmark
Georg Kahaly,  Germany
Terry Smith,  USA
Wilmar Wiersinga,  Netherlands



Richard Allen,  US
Kenn Cahill,  US
Kelvin Chong,  HK, China
Kim Cockerham,  US
Augusto Cruz, Brazil
Martin Devoto,  Argentina
Jane Dickinson,  UK
Peter Dolman, Canada
Ray Douglas,  US
Jonathan Dutton,  US
Vic Elner,  US
Steven Feldon,  US
Jim Garrity,  US
Aaron Fay, USA
Gerald Harris,  US
David Jordan,  Canada
Michael Kazim,  US
Bob Kersten, US
Don Kikkawa,  US
Yoon Duk Kim,  Korea
Mark Lucarelli,  US
Chris Lyons,  Canada
Louise Mawn,  US
Alan McNab,  Australia
Ilse Mombaerts,  Belgium
Maarten Mourits,  Netherlands
Alfio Piva,  Costa Rica
Alan Proia, USA
Jack Rootman,  Canada
Geoffrey Rose,  UK
Lay Leng Seah,  Singapore
Jennifer Sivak-Colcott,  US
Mary Stefanysyn,  US
Diego Strianese, Italy
Jimmy Uddin,  UK


Programme Advisory Panel:

Rebecca Bahn, USA
Martin Devoto, Argentina
Peter Dolman, Canada
Ray Douglas, USA
Steve Feldon, USA
Mike Kazim, USA
Don Kikkawa, USA
Mark Lucarelli, USA
Petros Perros, UK
Seah, Lay Leng, Singapore
Terry Smith, USA


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