A primary objective of ITEDS is to educate patients, their friends and family, and their treating physicians concerning the latest information about Thyroid Eye Disease and its Management.

International Symposia:

Fifth International ITEDS Meeting:

Singapore, February 2019

Vancouver, Canada, June 2013

First International ITEDS Meeting:

New York, USA, June 2008

Previous Educational Seminars:

ARVO Subspecialty Interest Groups:

Fort Lauderdale, May, 2011:

course coordinator Ray Douglas

Fort Lauderdale, May, 2010:

course coordinator David Bardenstein

Orbit Society:

New York,  June, 2008:

Assessment of TED, course coordinators:  Ray Douglas, Peter Dolman

AAO Course:

ITEDS Course on Evaluation and Management of Thyroid Eye Disease (coordinator:  J Sivak-Colcott)

Las Vegas, NV, November 2015

Chicago, IL,  October 2014

New Orleans, October 2013

Fort Lauderdale,   May 2012

Orlando, FL,   October, 2011

Chicago, IL,   October, 2010

San Francisco, November, 2009

Meeting and Symposium Participation:

EUGOGO 2nd International Symposium on Graves’ Orbitopathy, Amsterdam, November 2010