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Pakdel, Farzad IRAN

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No 14, Floor 4, No. 67, Haghani Blvd., Vanak Sqr






Tehran University of Medical Sciences



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Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

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Dr Farzad Pakdel is associate professor of ophthalmology, oculo-facial plastic surgery in Tehran University of medical sciences. He completed fellowship in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery in IUMS (2008-2010) and oculofacial courses in Amsterdam (AMC) 2010, Eyesthetica (Los Angeles) (2013) and UCLA (Los Angeles) (2013). Farzad is an active researcher with interest in thyroid eye disease, orbital inflammatory diseases, orbito-facial trauma, orbito-facial oncology and regenerative medicine, endoscopic orbital and lacrimal surgeries. He has published over 60 peer reviewed articles, book chapters and international and national guidelines in oculofacial plastic surgery, regenerative medicine, translational immunology and thyroid eye disease. He has trained many oculofacial plastic fellows, many oculofacial surgery observers from different disciplines, and several hundreds of ophthalmology residents. Dr Pakdel is active board member of International Thyroid Eye Disease Society (ITEDS), International orbital Society, active member of the American society of ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgery (ASOPRS), Asia-Pacific society of ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgery (APSOPRS), Asia-Pacific society of ophthalmic Trauma (APOTS), AO and ARVO, Board Members of Asia-Pacific society of ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgery (APSOPRS). Farzad is highly experienced in complex cases including thyroid eye disease, orbital and eyelid tumors, complex trauma and fracture cases. He founded endoscopic oculofacial surgery sections and plastic and cosmetic and in Farabi hospital as an academic unit for academic practice and research. He practices a wide range of oculo-facial functional and cosmetic procedures, has been training many fellows, residents and candidates from other surgical disciplines. Dr Pakdel is an active researchers in the clinical, basic science and translational studies in the field. He was the vice chair of research in eye research center, Tehran University of Medical in 2015-2017. Currently, Dr Pakdel is the vice chair of Iranian Research Association for Vison and Ophthalmology (IRAVO) (2018-now), director of Plastic and Cosmetic clinic, and vice chair of education, department of oculofacial surgery, Tehran University of medical sciences, Associate editor of Journal of Ophthalmology and vision Research (JOVR) and Deputy editor in chief of Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology He has received IRAVO awards for the best research 2010, IESRF International publication awards for his influential works in research and publication (2021 and 2022), first rank of Sicca award in 2010, IRAVO awards for the best research 2015, the best article award in Shams ophthalmology festival 2015, IRAVO award for the best research 2019, best book chapter in Shams ophthalmology festival 2021, IESRF award for Best Guest Editorial-IJCEO.