Health care providers or researchers interested in TED may join ITEDS through this website. Proof of academic credentials and a member in good standing with an academic institution or hospital is required. There is an annual fee of $50.

Membership benefits include:

  1. ITEDS news bulletins about upcoming educational and research meetings
  2. Invitations to participate in research pursuits. Those wishing to pursue their own research may choose to share their ideas within the framework of ITEDS for constructive feedback.
  3. Membership Directory:  Listing of contact information for patients to identify treating clinicians in their area.

Professional Membership requirements:

  1. An interest in participating in ITEDS research or educational activities
  2. A letter of reference from the director or head of an academic or public medical institution confirming that you are a member in good standing
  3. Annual dues:  Membership dues are $50 US annually.

Once you have paid your fee, you should receive a receipt from paypal for your records. 

After the checkout process, you will be re-directed to the Professional member sign-up form.