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My-TED App

My-TED App

Through support from ITEDS, Drs. Andrea Tooley and Michael Kazim at Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital have developed the first smartphone application for patients with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). The “My-TED” application is designed to improve patient care by chronicling the patient’s signs and symptoms of TED.


My-TED allows patients to track their symptoms on a daily or weekly basis and share this information with their doctors. The core of the app consists of 5 key sections based on the VISA Severity and Activity Scales and the TED-QoL, both described elsewhere in this website. The “Insights” section provides longitudinally viewed, graphical displays of the symptom data over time giving a sense of disease progression and response.


“Care card” enables patients to track smoking status, medications, sleep, and exercise habits. Patients may use the “Educational” section to read about TED and connect to websites and other educational content. Finally, the “Connect” section allows patients to send data to their physicians for review prior to appointments. The application is currently available for beta testing. Contact Andrea Tooley, andreaatooley@gmail.com, for more information and to try My-TED.



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