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Friday October 7- Saturday October 8    North and South America

Saturday October 8                                    Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe


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International Thyroid Eye Disease Society (ITEDS)

Thyroid eye disease (TED) is an orbital autoimmune process associated with systemic thyroid disorders that causes inflammation, expansion, and fibrosis of orbital fat and striated muscle. 

Common clinical features include eyelid retraction and swelling, ocular bulging, restricted eye movements with double vision, and possible vision impairment from optic nerve compression. (Hover on image for caption, click to magnify)

While these changes can affect both appearance and visual functioning, newer treatment modalities are increasingly becoming available.  Please click “What is TED” above. 

ITEDS is a non-profit international society, comprised of medical clinicians and researchers, dedicated to educating the public and other physicians about TED, and to conducting research to understand the disease and lead to prevention and cures. 

This website lists our members and contact information (click “Who Are We?” and “Membership”).  It also highlights our activities (click “ITEDS Activities”), including past and upcoming conferences, surgical courses, and webinars, and our research endeavors in disease evaluation and management protocols. Please click “ITEDS Resources” for current articles, downloadable VISA and TED-QOL clinical forms, and a comprehensive bibliography.