ITEDS Biobank

ITEDS Biobank

Purpose:    The ITEDS Biobank will store tissue and serum donated from individuals with various stages of thyroid orbitopathy along with clinical data sheets.   It will allow institutions or research groups to store specific tissues or sera for defined projects and also will maintain a broad sample bank for future potential research projects.

Facility:   Kryosphere is a fully accredited private biobank based in North Carolina that follows strict protocols to ensure confidentiality of donor information and secure preservation of the stored tissues.  They will provide shipping containers for donor surgeons/institutions,  maintain a secure database allowing identification of banked materials based on various search parameters, and will facilitate withdrawal of materials.  Tissue may be received from and shipped to centers worldwide.

Donors to the Bank:    Institutions wishing to register as donors of tissue and sera may contact the Medical Director (Dr Jonathan Dutton) to receive appropriate institutional review board registration forms and a detailed explanatory manual.  Several international academic institutions are in the process of registering as donor sites.  Donation and storage of orbital tissue and sera is completely free of charge and such institutions will be guaranteed that a portion of all donated specimens will be specifically reserved for their own withdrawal should they choose(at a preferred reduced charge).  It is anticipated that withdrawal fees for any donated tissue will be significantly less than storage of such tissue in most banks run by academic institutions.     Download Institutional Review / Ethics Board Forms and Documentation here or navigate “Downloads” above.

Oversight committee:    This will consist of international representation of clinicians and scientists researching thyroid orbitopathy and will include ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, pathologists, and ideally members of established research labs, ITEDS and EUGOGO.

Costs of the Bank:   Establishment of this bank has been possible through generous grants from the ASOPRS Foundation with the hope that scientific discoveries based on future research on stored tissue and sera may ultimately lead to better understanding and treatment of thyroid eye disease.  While ITEDS will cover the expenses of recruitment and storage of tissue and sera, the ongoing costs of the bank will be recouped through withdrawal charges:  these are anticipated to be less than the costs for institutions and research groups to store the materials themselves.

Latest ITEDS Biobank Updates

ITEDS BioBank Update – Dec 2017 (12/17/2017) - The ITEDS BioBank continues to accept TED related orbital and eyelid tissues.  We are negotiating for the use of tissue samples for a research group and encourage ITEDS members to consider becoming and IRB-approved contributing center.  All relevant documents necessary for your local IRB approval can be found on this website, and can be modified […]